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Project Rock will be a first person action game on the GLOOME engine.I aim to use platforming, shoot-em-up, and metroidvania elements in it. I'm creating a new setting, a full plot, and have a clear project view for the future. My previous project on itch.io, Strafe Suit: Skybeast, has been postponed, sorry, for reasons listed on its page, but if you were curious what I like to do, check it out.

Anyway. Goals include twelve stages, ten bosses, eight weapons, and a variety of mobs to fight through. It won't be very long, but it WILL be VERY hard. I still use a bullet hell school of thought, and approach my encounter design with that philosophy in mind

Some music pieces I've composed for this piece are availible for download. I may retouch them before release. At some point I intend to release a soundtrack album as well.

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My DeviantArt (Has some work on it)



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